The Brewin' librarian

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My original blog, “The Brewin’ LIbrarian”.   This is where I write stuff about libraries.

Go ahead. Hire me .You know you want to. Information about my book, my CV, and slide decks from my presentations.

Learn more about the Private/Public ownership of our data. Issues around Big Data, Surveillance, and Privacy in the Information Age.

Who am i?

User Experience and Service Design play heavily in my approach to technology planning. With the goal of empowered end users constantly at the forefront of my mind, I have successfully redesigned and implemented technology infrastructures meeting the needs of a diverse clientele.

Communication, organization and strategic visioning are my strengths– surprising and delighting my customers is the outcome.

Specialties: Makerspaces, Mobile Computing, User Experience Design, IT Service Management, Systems Architecture, Team Development, Management, Technology Training, Community Outreach, Market Research, User Assessment